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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Weave Institute: Weave Class Schedule

Dear Fellow Hair Stylists,
The Master Tailor Kim Connell of The Weave Institute will be hosting the most frequently requested class of her weave education business, THE PERFECT CLOSURE.

The class will be held at Salon Obsessions, 1907 Seminary Rd. Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 on
Monday, July 16 at 12 noon to 4:00 PM.

This class and technique of creating the perfect closure is extremely important in the art of perfecting any type of weave; all for a small fee of $199 . Reserve your spot TODAY.

The Perfect Closure Class

For more information please contact me at
301-641-0171 or you can e-mail me at

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sweat & Sew Ins: 3 Worry-Free Hairstyles for Exercise

We all want the perfect summer body yet one dilemma seems to consistently halt the process. There has always been a love/hate relationship when it comes to exercise. We love the results of our body but we hate the results of our hair.

There are some great options like Hats & Headbands for your Workout. No matter what style you wear, a headband is key to keeping your edges in place.

We have featured the top 3 best hairstyles to wear during exercise. Now you can't use your hair as your excuse for not getting fit! Healthy living is the best living.

Full Sew Ins: Try a full sew in to protect your natural hair underneath. Any perspiration won't affect your fabulous hairstyle! Salon Obsessions stylists are experts at performing this weave in any look and style you desire.

Wigs: Custom Bonded Wigs at Salon Obsessions are another great solution to beat the heat during your workouts. With this custom fit you'll never have to worry about it shifting or coming off while you run. The curly styles are suggested because it can be easily maintained during humid weather.

Natural Styles: When running and exercising, sweat accumulates at the most important part of the hairstyle, the edges! The best way your hair can co-exist at this time is to wear it natural. For African-American women, our hair naturally curls up when it comes in contact with moisture. This wouldn't be much of an issue if our hairstyle was already curly.

If your hair is short you can always get extensions that match your natural curl pattern. You can even try a roller set style or twist out. A little hint of color (either your hair or colored track pieces) can add some unique flare to your natural style too!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebrity Hair Inspirations

From the cutest coils to the most beautiful bobs, the stars are trendsetting the best styles this season!

Kerry Washington dominated prime-time television this year with "Scandal." She is one of the first African American actresses in a leading role in more than 30 yearsWith her skyrocketing success it's no surprise that her presence commands attention. Her hair is nothing short of phenomenal in every single episode. This simplistic spiral curl shows how you can be playful and fun with your hair, we have to highlight her!

Keeping K names going, we have musical superstar, Kelly Rowland. Her latest spread in Ebony's Sexy Issue with Trey Songz is so dynamic. She's beautiful and her hair gets our stamp of approval. Whether she wears long, voluminous waves or tightly curled hair, it's always gorgeous!

A lot of our clients are asking for this celebrity's hairstyle. The star of VH1's "Single Ladies"
 Lisa Raye has once again reinvented herself! This stylish short bob looks incredible with the blonde highlights. A great summer style that we can't wait to recreate here at Salon Obsessions: The Weave Institute!

Sultry Summer Hairstyles

June 20th marked the first day of summer! Time to schedule vacations with family and friends and enjoy some fun in the sun by the beach. Unfortunately, our hair can be the #1 force against us during this heavy humidity season. Here are 5 tips to keep your hair gorgeous, healthy and fuss-free this summer!

1. Invest in Great Hair Care Products Are you the type that runs to your hairstylist as soon as there's a hint of humidity in the air? Well there are some alternative options for you for those "in between times." Use a great leave in conditioner, we suggest "Mixed Chicks." You can also touch up your edges and keep your hairy shiny and smooth with "Jane Carter" Nourish & Shine. This product nourishes your hair and revitalizes those weak and damaged spots. Both products can be purchased right here at Salon Obsessions: The Weave Institute!

  2. Conceal the Beast Try a headband or turban. These are the cutest hair disaster cover ups! You'll be so fashionable, so fast! After applying "Nourish & Shine" on your edges you can throw on a cute headband to create a cute & easy day look. The turban is a more fashion forward look so save that for a late night drink with the girls, date night or party night! We love the turbans at and

3.Rock a Natural Style As scary as this idea may seem for some women it can turn out beatifully if done properly. When you get a sew in with your hair out in the crown of your head you still have to wrestle with it to make sure it blends well. Why not get a weave that matches your natural curl pattern to eliminate fussy fly aways. Check out this cute style:

4.Funk Up A Full Sew In Once you decide to get a full weave with all your hair under, your hair is protected and you have unlimited options! Ordering the top quality hair at Salon Obsessions awards you the freedom of so many hair styles. You can curl it, straighten it, do a cute fish scale braid or a high bun. FYI: A high bun with a full sew in can be challenging since the weft shows at your hairline. We suggest a cute scarf or headband to achieve the high bun style with ease.  Take a look at these styles you can rock with a full sew in:

5. Time Saving Option: Custom Bonded Wigs
The tedious process of a weave might be too much for you, we have the solution: custom bonded wigs. Show us the hairstyle, come in for your custom mold, return in a few days for wig application and you're done! No long hours in the salon chair yet you can accomplish the look you've always wanted! Don't want a lot of relaxers, heat and strain on your hair during the summer? No woman really does! Check out these amazing custom wig styles from Salon Obsessions: The Weave Institute!

Comment on this post. Let us know how well these ideas worked for you!