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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sweat & Sew Ins: 3 Worry-Free Hairstyles for Exercise

We all want the perfect summer body yet one dilemma seems to consistently halt the process. There has always been a love/hate relationship when it comes to exercise. We love the results of our body but we hate the results of our hair.

There are some great options like Hats & Headbands for your Workout. No matter what style you wear, a headband is key to keeping your edges in place.

We have featured the top 3 best hairstyles to wear during exercise. Now you can't use your hair as your excuse for not getting fit! Healthy living is the best living.

Full Sew Ins: Try a full sew in to protect your natural hair underneath. Any perspiration won't affect your fabulous hairstyle! Salon Obsessions stylists are experts at performing this weave in any look and style you desire.

Wigs: Custom Bonded Wigs at Salon Obsessions are another great solution to beat the heat during your workouts. With this custom fit you'll never have to worry about it shifting or coming off while you run. The curly styles are suggested because it can be easily maintained during humid weather.

Natural Styles: When running and exercising, sweat accumulates at the most important part of the hairstyle, the edges! The best way your hair can co-exist at this time is to wear it natural. For African-American women, our hair naturally curls up when it comes in contact with moisture. This wouldn't be much of an issue if our hairstyle was already curly.

If your hair is short you can always get extensions that match your natural curl pattern. You can even try a roller set style or twist out. A little hint of color (either your hair or colored track pieces) can add some unique flare to your natural style too!

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